Diamond Products

Rough and Loose Diamonds

ZS-Tech is the world-leading enterprise that is capable of directly growing pure and high-quality CVD diamonds. Our products are accredited by the IGI as the “naturally lab-grown CVD products without any posttreatment,” such as coloring. Our loose diamonds are Type lla diamonds, and feature high quality without fluorescence, fire, environment-friendly and sustainable, and conflict-free.

ZS-Tech can provide a variety of cutting shapes, as well as custom-made products and services to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Fancy cuts can enrich our product lines of CVD diamonds to a maximum extent. Compared with the aesthetic fatigue of traditional natural round brilliant cut diamonds, our products will bring new vitality into the market. Moreover, the state-of-the-art cutting technology makes each of our diamonds with high grades in color and clarity and produces a brilliant, sparkly fire of light performance.

Rough and Loose Diamonds

High-quality Finished Lab-grown CVD Diamonds


1.0 – 50.0 Ct


D – G


IF – VS2


Ideal – VG


round brilliant cut, fancy cuts