About Us

Development Course


Launching the CVD-based research and development

In 2022, ZS-Tech embarked on the research and development of CVD lab-grown SCDs in Tower C, Huapu Science and Technology Industrial Park, Qingpu District, Shanghai.


World-leading MPCVD technology

In 2007, ZS-Tech took the lead in breaking through the MPCVD technology, greatly improving the product quality, yield and fire. In 2009, our lab experts developed the rough CVD lab-grown diamond and cultured rough diamonds for industrial purposes. In 2013, we launched the CVD synthetic SCDs which can be used for producing jewelry.


Entry in the diamond growth market

In 2014, ZS-Tech was registered and put into production. Technological breakthroughs helped us fulfill the commercial production of lab-created diamonds, with upgraded quality and carat weight. ZS-Tech has injected new strength into the country’s new material sector.

2015 - 2019

Comprehensive international development

The year 2015-2019 saw the rapid development of ZS-Tech, during which we established the brand “Z Diamond,” and reached cooperation with many well-known jewelers and distributors around the world. Our workshops were 7,000 square meters in total extent and founded the wholly-owned subsidiaries in Hong Kong and New York.


Upgraded development strategy

In 2019, ZS-Tech formed the development strategy that highlights custom-made production and industry-wide development. Continuous investments have been made in the research and applications of cutting-edge CVD technology, in a bid to provide industry-leading advantages in science and technology. Meanwhile, efforts have been made to develop the cutting technology, advance the manufacturing of self-research equipment, optimize the production processes, so as to accomplish the industrial strategy for industry-wide progress.


Craftsmanship forges the original aspirations

From 2020 – going forward, against the backdrop of the global pandemic and many other adverse impacts on the global economy, we will forge ahead to vigorously promote intelligent industrial upgrading, enhance scientific and technological strengths, and refine every production link. Meanwhile, we will strive to create the ZS-Tech’s Z Diamond brand for shaping a century-old science and technology corporation and make our contributions to the national “Brand Strengthen A Nation” program. Moreover, ZS-Tech’s globalization strategy will keep striding forward, with a wholly-owned subsidiary established in Los Angeles in the United States. With our craftsmanship, we will stay true to our original aspirations. As a global industrial leader, we will demonstrate the strength and responsibility of Chinese high-tech enterprises to the world through our practical actions.