About Us

Company Profile


ZS-Tech is a multinational high-tech corporation that devotes itself to the research and development, production, and sales of superior lab-grown diamonds. Our lab experts embarked on the research and development of the CVD technique in 2002. In December 2014, ZS-Tech was registered and put into production in Zhangjiang Qingpu High-tech Park.

Innovative Technology

With a professional research and development team, ZS-Tech continues to explore innovative approaches and technologies. We have applied for more than 100 patents and are ISO9001 certified. ZS-Tech focuses on quality control and owns the advanced core production technology MPCVD, which makes us a global industry leader in high-quality CVD lab-grown diamonds.

High-Quality CVD Diamond

The CVD lab-grown diamonds by the ZS-Tech are characterized by high grades of clarity and color, larger carat weight, purely natural growth without any color treatment.

Global Development

As a new material corporation, ZS-Tech commits itself to demonstrating the strength of China’s high-end manufacturing field to the world. We seek ever greater perfection and forge ahead. At present, we have done business in 27 countries and regions around the world and had established wholly-owned subsidiaries in Hong Kong, New York, and Los Angeles.