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Social Responsibility

Sustainable Development

Sustainable development and environmental protection remain the focus of global attention during industrial and commercial operations. Compared with earth-grown diamonds, growing diamonds in labs are more environment-friendly and consume much less energy during the process. Therefore, our business is eco-friendly and sustainable.

Currently, the following industrial criteria prevail for sustainable diamonds: diamond traceability, sampling is conducted throughout the industrial supply chain to ensure the origin of each certified diamond; the 12 principles of ethical management, namely the comprehensive Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Criteria should be followed; the climate neutrality compliance should be verified for each diamond, which means that all emissions should be handled according to the strictest climate agreement; the sustainable production and practices should be able to offset its impacts on the environment and human health; the investment in sustainable development is achieved by investing and improving vulnerable communities, cleaning air and water, preserving the climate and endangered ecosystems, to create social benefits.

ZS-Tech abides by the above criteria to make use of green energies during diamond growth, cutting and inlaying. This aims to achieve negative carbon emissions as soon as possible, and make contributions to achieve the “peak carbon dioxide emissions” and “carbon neutrality” goals.

Charity and Public Welfare

On the afternoon of November 30, 2021, a cooperation agreement on the “Shanghai ZS-Tech Fund for Public Welfare” was signed between the Qingpu Representative Office of Shanghai Charity Foundation and the Shanghai Zhengshi Technology Co., Ltd. The plaque and certificate giving ceremony were also held at the meeting. ZS-Tech donated one million yuan for social charity. Each enterprise is bound to contribute to the evergreen development of charity and public welfare. While exploring the new height of corporate development, ZS-Tech stays true to its original aspirations, proactively undertake the social responsibility and mission, to make contributions to the development of social welfare and charity with practical actions.